Thursday, June 21, 2018

There's nothing wrong with being white

Black pride. Brown Pride. Gay Pride. White Pride. At face value, each two-word motto conveys an identical notion of cultural dignity and heritage. Nothing more. Nothing less. The concept really is that benign. However, while three of these four mentioned in-groups are romanticized by the mainstream media, just one is unduly synonymous with hatred and racism -- and thus forced toward society’s cold-comfort fringes: White pride. Those eleven simple letters, without hesitancy, spark an unbridled ire within progressive viscera. But why? What is so caustic about a Caucasian who is simply proud to be Caucasian? Why does the very mention of white affirmation spark such outrage and condemnation? Again, at its core, White pride is no different from any other form of ethnic or lifestyle pride. At its essence, it does not promote hatred, bigotry, or racism. It is what it is. And it is shamefully mislabeled, all for political gain. In a land of free speech, is it not hypocritical that every ethnicity and sexual orientation, besides white and straight, enjoy a safe-space for unfiltered expression? Yet, far beyond this expression, non-whites and LBGTQ -- along with their sympathizers -- can blatantly censor, shame, and exclude hetero-Caucasian voices from these platforms. In addition, these coddled minorities are also granted months, weeks, and days to further their ascendance and pride. And amid such a climate, it comes as no surprise that big media, and alt-left activists vigorously promote a fabulist straw man made of mythical “white privilege.” For once their propaganda seeped into mainstream awareness these Machiavellian entities brazenly forced a white-washing, white-apologist agenda upon our nation's universities and campuses. Predictably, the resistance went for young minds in hopes of building a new America. An America obsessed with subverting white history and pride. With the specious boogeyman of white privilege carefully presented, scholastic textbooks and curricula have been re-written in the interest of veiled diversity. Though, under the new rules, and among confused, impressionable psyches, such proactive bigotry needn't make sense. All that forms now in the upcoming generation's clouded eyes is the leftist-version of white history, one of oppression of all other groups. And it is fear of this past, even as we've mostly all moved forward, which sparks such blatant resentment toward white America. However, even through this madness, and the heavy propaganda stating otherwise, being proud of one’s ethnic heritage is far from shameful, even for Caucasians. More and more, the left's divisive identity politics are losing ground as middle America proclaims no more lies, no more distortions.

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