Thursday, June 07, 2018

"You are to blame for Susanna's death": Shitstorm on Angela Merkel's Facebook page

Angela Merkel is responsible. She is completely responsible for the uncontrolled mass immigration of Muslim young men. She is to blame for the catastrophic conditions in the competent authorities. Merkel, with her mad policy, is responsible for the death and previous rape of the youngest victim, 14-year-old Susanne from Mainz. This is made clear to her on her Facebook profile.


"And another murder of a 14-year-old girl. Mrs. Merkel, how can you still sleep at night? Would you continue your policy if it happened in your own family. Other politicians would have probably already taken off their mirrors because they want no longer see themselves. Wake up your policy has failed."

"Case Susanne. Rejected 8-person family with toleration status and multiple identity. When is it actually enough?"

"Where's your condolences for the family? Why can refugees travel back and forth but not be deported? Questions over questions. You know what, Mrs. Merkel, just disappear, I can't stand you anymore. “

"I can already tell you the future of Europe: it will break up and you are the guilty one in this Europe. if you have some honour then step back with immediate effect and take CDU/CSU and SPD with you. You must really hate the German people if you allow something like that".

"Put your Europe somewhere else. You want to let more killers into our country. Our dead daughters are still not enough for you? If I were the girl's father, I'd find you."

"I hope you traitor to the people will get your just punishment for your crimes against the German people! Then wherever you want to run, we'll find you!"

"I hope Susanna Mia Maria and everyone else will visit you in your dreams every night..... It's your fault Merkel. Fuck off. We don't want you as chancellor anymore."

" And another dead girl to blame you, Mrs. Merkel."

"A country ,a policy that prefers to protect criminal rapists and murderers" than its own families is not my country and not my policy. I hope those responsible get a punishment."

"With closed borders, passport controls and deportations, there may be a future for Germany again, unfortunately the future for many people is already over at an early age due to your misguided policies.

"MERKEL bears the RESPONSIBILITY for the intolerable conditions in Germany. Susanne (14 y/o), raped and strangled. We don't forget!"

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