Friday, July 20, 2018

UPDATE: The assassin is an Iranian man -- 14 Injured, Some Seriously in Mass-Stabbing on German Bus


According to the daily LN information, the perpetrator claims to come from Iran. He's supposed to be in his mid-30s and in police custody.

A bus carrying passengers in the German city of Lübeck was the scene of an apparent mass stabbing Friday afternoon, leaving several injured.

At least 14 individuals are reported to have been injured in the incident, and two of those seriously, which saw an unidentified individual drop a rucksack on the bus and draw a knife before attacking passengers.
German newspaper Merkur reports the driver immediately stopped the vehicle and opened the doors, allowing passengers to flee the attacker.
In kommt es aktuell zu einem größeren |einsatz. Wir prüfen die Hintergründe und informieren hier in Kürze weiter.
A police spokesman confirmed there had been no fatalities, said the motive was unknown, but did not state an accurate number of casualties. An arrest has been made.

The local police force’s Twitter stated Friday lunchtime there was a major operation underway but gave no further details.

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