Friday, July 06, 2018

Asylum tourist raped and strangled Melanie R. while sunbathing in the heart of Berlin

Bildergebnis für Melanie Rehberger polizeifoto

Weeks after the brutal act, the murder of the murdered Berlin-born Melanie R. (30, photo above) has been solved: The social media consultant apparently had to die because the perpetrator wanted to cover up an attempted rape. A suspect is in custody: According to German media reports, the Bulgarian asylum seeker was arrested in Spain and on 25 May Melanie R. left her apartment, where she also worked, to take a break in the countryside, sunbathe or read. It was to be the last hours of her short life, because that same afternoon or evening the 30-year-old was killed - suffocated to cover up an attempted rape. Two days later, a bottle collector found the body of the pretty Berlin woman on an S-Bahn line near the Dolomiten Street. At first, hardly any details were known, and there were no indications that the case was advancing, which is why the investigators launched an appeal in the ZDF television program "Aktenzeichen XY... unsolved". Among other things, a cap was shown in it which, according to the police, the perpetrator " evidently " lost. Now the investigators are sure they've found the killer. According to the daily newspaper "Welt", a Bulgarian citizen was arrested in Spain on Tuesday who could have been "clearly" identified at the scene of the crime. According to "Welt", the 30-year-old had fought fiercely and scratched her killer. According to the report, the man was homeless in Berlin at the time in question. There was a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of murder. The suspect is now to be extradited to Germany

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