Sunday, July 15, 2018

Austria: Afghan raped 18-year-old girl from Linz at railway station

Another rape shocks the citizens of Linz: this time the perpetrator, an Afghan asylum seeker, attacked at Linz Central Station! An 18-year-old woman is said to have been pushed into a dark corner and raped by him in broad daylight. An alleged accomplice and fellow countryman, also an asylum seeker, is said to have been present. The police learned of the horror act during a check at the main station. The 18-year-old was in the presence of the 22- and 21-year-old Afghans. Apparently afraid of the two, she showed the officials a typed text on her mobile phone. "I need help!" stood there! The police stopped the trio at about 5.50 pm for a Shengen inspection. Then the girl showed them the secretly typed cell phone text. The two suspects were immediately separated from the woman. The 22-year-old became aggressive again and again, the police had to handcuff him! In a separate interview, the 18-year-old reported in the newspaper "Kronen-Zeitung" that she had just been pushed into a dark corner of the station by the two asylum seekers. There, the 22-year-old grabbed her first. Finally, the elderly Afghan reached so brutally into her abdomen with his hands that this must be legally regarded as sexual assault, i.e. rape.The Afghan duo live in different homes in the capital of Upper Austria. The older of the two denies the crime, traces were immediately secured at the hospital. The police investigation is in full swing! Another sex attack occurred in the Linz district of Auwiesen. A 30-year-old man is said to have grabbed a 17-year-old woman from behind on Saturday at about 2.30 am. The man apparently tried to rape the victim when he tried to drag her brutely off the street. But the girl fought back courageously and escaped just in time to her parents' apartment.

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