Thursday, July 19, 2018

Austria: Beatings on Jews in the centre of Vienna -- Turkish unemployed arrested


Brutal scenes in the heart of Vienna's Leopoldstadt: Thursday morning a young man attacks three Jews in front of a kosher restaurant, punching his victims several times. The perpetrator moves on to Tabor Street, an eyewitness calls the police, tells the newspaper "Heute": "I followed the man, the police advised me to keep my distance and stay on the phone to announce the current location of the perpetrator". Then the next attack: On Tabor Street the thug sees another Jew with a kippa (Jewish headgear, note), takes off and jumps into the guy's back with full force. "I had just come from the synagogue, had my kippa on and wore tefilin, so I was clearly identifiable as a Jew. He came from behind, I phoned and didn't see him, he jumped right into me from behind," said victim Daniel (22 y/o).The alleged perpetrator of violence continues his march towards Schwedenplatz square, and on his way to the subway station he also attacks a woman, according to police reports. According to eyewitnesses, the perpetrator also strikes the police officers in the U1 station at Schwedenplatz square; he can only be overpowered by four officers. The assailant, who according to the police is a 24-year-old, unemployed Austrian of Turkish origin, is arrested. He is to be questioned as soon as possible. Victim Daniel is in shock: "I hurt my hip, but I'm glad he didn't have a knife with him".

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