Saturday, July 28, 2018

Austria: For fraud and bribery -- "Turkish driving schools are a problem"

After the planned end for the driving test in Turkish - as announced by Minister of Transport Norbert Hofer for 2019 - now a driving examiner talks. spoke with Stefan S. (name changed by the editorship) about abuses, fraud and bribery. 18 years Stefan S. (50 y/o) is already in the business, has taken countless driving tests. He is concerned about fairness in the discussion on Turkish driving tests. "Everyone should have the same conditions," says the Viennese. During the practical test he sits behind the student driver and the driving instructor in the back seat. In the portfolio of the test: "Vehicle inspections", "Exercises in the low speed range", "Driving in traffic" and "Discussing experienced situations". On the last point, there were always difficulties. "Let's see how she is doing," says the driving instructor to Stefan S. This time a Turkish woman, who has lived in Vienna for twelve years, is taking the exam. She failed three times already. When S. begins with the greeting, he realizes that the lady does not speak a word of German. Which makes testing considerably more difficult. "How can she answer my questions like that?" asks the examiner. At Turkish driving schools, the driving instructors often act as interpreters for the exam: "I cannot check whether the candidate has really understood my instruction or question. It is simply translated," says the experienced examiner.Many can drive practically, but: "It is unfair if these students simply ignore part of the exam and others have to pass it. There's something else he can't understand. "Do these people even understand additional signs? There are construction sites and diversions all over Vienna. Then Stefan S. tells of an incident with a refugee from Syria who used to be a farmer. The young man has been in Austria for five years. He had taken the exam with a friend who had also got into the car. This is not allowed, the examiner said. When S. asks who the companion is, he answers that he is translating. The candidate does not speak English either. The failure rate of driving examiners must not exceed 40 percent, otherwise there would be trouble. "Actually, the quota is much higher, but then I lose my job," says Stefan S. openly. What if an examiner does have objections to passing? "Colleagues have already been bribed with a dinner," says S. It is always said, "they are relatives of the driving instructors". But Stefan S. makes even more serious accusations, even speaks of "fraud": "Some driving instructors even offer special services for the survival of the practice. Cost 2000 Euro. Driving schools often wire their students themselves for the theoretical examination. At the other end, a little helper tells the correct answers." And: "The Turkish driving schools are therefore a problem, but not only the language is a hindrance. Headgear also plays a role for many Turkish women. "With a chador, control view is clearly impaired." But that, according to Stefan S., is still the least problem...

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