Wednesday, July 25, 2018

German refugee football tournament against violence abandoned after refugees start massive fight

The aim of the annual street football tournament in Germany’s Zwickau is to counteract discrimination and violence, and to teach values of tolerance and fair play.
However, due to a massive fight, the final had to be cancelled; ending in disarray the seventh edition of the “Red Tree” and “Marienthal United 08” organised “United Colours Street Soccer Cup”.
Eyewitnesses report that there was a heated controversy between the two final teams – one team was apparently predominantly African and the other consisted mostly of Arab-born players.
One team wanted to use an additional player who had not previously participated, the other team opposed that. During the game, a fight broke out as a result.
Allegedly, an insult on the field was the trigger. A participant is said to have made disparaging remarks about the mother of an opposing player.
Witnesses describe the brawl as scary. Bernhard Riedel, 68, from Oberplanitz , who now lives in Berlin’s Neukölln migrant suburb says:
“I see a lot of controversy every day in Neukölln, but something like this on Saturday at Zwickau’s main market, I have not seen in my life, I was worried about the life and the lives of the players.”
According to co-organiser René Hahn, there were no injuries, but one could not tolerate that behaviour. “That’s not the level we want to play football on,” says Hahn.

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