Monday, July 30, 2018

Germany: Afghan asylum seeker harasses women in suburban train and threatens and insults travellers

Yesterday, Sunday, a 20-year-old was harassing a woman on the suburban train, was travelling without a valid ticket and threatened and insulted another traveller. The public prosecutor's office decided on a hearing with the magistrate. Around 4:00 p.m. the Munich Federal Police became aware of a male person who is supposed to harass women in an suburban train S4 in the direction of Geltendorf by staring at them and following them. A 47-year-old from Emmering interfered in the situation on the suburban train and made it clear to the 20-year-old Afghan several times that he should leave the woman alone. As a result, the asylum seeker began to insult the man from Emmering and to threaten him with words and gestures. He then called the police and described the facts of a patrol of the German Railway Security (DBS), which had already been made aware of the situation by other travellers. The DBS patrol checked the man, who lives in an asylum shelter in Munich, to a ticket inspection. The 20-year-old had no ticket. At the suburban railway station Buchenau, all participants got off the suburban railway and waited for the police. The Federal Police took the suspect to the Munich office and initiated an investigation into threats, insults and fraudulent services. After consultation with the public prosecutor's office, the latter ordered the 20-year-old to be brought before a magistrate because of the danger of escape.

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