Sunday, July 29, 2018

Germany: African asylum seeker rapes a woman, harasses other women and rampages in Memmingen

An arrest warrant has been issued against an asylum seeker because he is accused of an urgent suspicion of a sexual offence. Based on current investigations by the criminal police and the public prosecutor's office in Memmingen, he is accused of committing the crime around 5 a.m. yesterday. According to current investigations, the suspect was on the road on Augsburger Street. He rode his bicycle along the woman who was also cycling, stopped her and raped her. After the crime, the suspect left by bicycle. Shortly afterwards, the woman told a colleague at work who called the police. The police headquarters of the Police Headquarters Swabia South/West immediately initiated a search for the first unknow. This led to the arrest of the 22-year-old suspect in his room in a collective accommodation for asylum seekers by police inspectors in Memmingen. Criminal Investigation Department and Public Prosecutor's Office started the investigation. Last Friday, the 22-year-old was noticed in the early afternoon for beating against the patio door of a property. When the police were called, he left the property and entered another nearby property. There he scratched a car standing in the courtyard entrance. When a woman and two men confronted him, he harassed the woman by touching her on the thigh; this is considered sexual harassment. The officers, who arrived shortly after the crime was committed, took him into preventive custody and brought him before an investigating judge. After the reason for his late evening detention had ceased, the man had to be released. Criminal proceedings have been initiated. Based on the current state of knowledge, the public prosecutor's office in Memmingen ordered the man from  Gambia to be brought before the investigating judge at the Memmingen district court. The latter issued a pre-trial warrant against him on the urgent suspicion of a serious sexual offence and the reason for his possible escape; he is now in  prison. He did not report to the investigating judge. The investigation is still ongoing.

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