Thursday, July 19, 2018

Germany: African man pours flammable liquid over a mother of three and sets her on fire -- Little hope for the victim

It seems like a hopeless fight! After an assassination attempt, Jean B. (33) from Bielefeld is in the intensive care unit of the Bergmannheil Clinic in Bochum. 90 percent of her skin was burnt. The chances of survival of the triple mother are very minimal.The man who is said to have done this to her is in jail for attempted murder and serious arson. Kenyan Silvester K. (27), who has been convicted many times before, is treated in the Justice Hospital in Fröndenberg because he also suffered burn injuries and smoke poisoning. In a first interrogation, he denied everything.The horrific drama happened on Monday. In the evening, residents heard terrible screams from a ground-floor apartment in the eastern part of Bielefeld. Shortly thereafter, flames and smoke burst out of the house. A woman saw Jean B. staggering in front of the window, burning. "She screamed, whimpered. It was terrible," witnesses describe.Jean B. fell through the kitchen window into the backyard. First responders put her on a lawn and covered her up. A witness: "She was naked, her hair was burned, her face unrecognisable." Jean B. is said to have stammered in pain that her boyfriend poured a hot liquid over her and torched her.In the Kenyan's apartment (who also committed drug offences) there was often plenty of excitement .Neighbors report parties, threats, thefts, loud arguments and beatings. Only the day before the drama, a young woman is said to have run out of the house crying and shouted that she had been raped.Sylvester K. is facing life imprisonment. The victim's children are in the care of relatives.

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