Monday, July 02, 2018

Germany: Dark-skinned man molests women

A 22-year-old dark-skinned man is said to have molested several women yesterday afternoon (July 2nd) in Nuremberg Central Station. The police arrested him. Shortly after 5:15 p.m. a young woman called a police patrol in the centre of Nuremberg and announced that she had just been approached by a dark-skinned man in the station. Previously, he had tried to touch her. The officers entered the building and met the 22-year-old. He immediately became aggressive at the sight of the uniforms and refused any cooperation. Ultimately, immediate pressure had to be exerted to calm him down and bring him to the office. He also attacked an officer on the way to the patrol car. However, he was able to defend himself and remained unharmed. The suspect was first taken into custody and then released. Since the accused is said to have been in the station for a long time, the investigators do not rule out the possibility that he may have molested several women. These witnesses are requested to contact the permanent crime service of Middle Franconia at the telephone number 09 11 2112-3333.

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