Monday, July 09, 2018

Germany: Dark-skinned man sexually coerces 19-year-old woman

A 19-year-old woman was sexually harassed by an unknown perpetrator early Sunday morning in the town of Tübingen. The young woman was on her way down Garten street shortly after three o'clock when a group of eight people, including some girls, came to meet her near a kebap snack. Suddenly a man stepped out of the group and reached silently into the 19-year-old's abdomen. Afterwards he continued his way together with his companions. After the police had been informed, an investigation was initiated with several patrol crews, which ultimately remained unsuccessful. The unknown perpetrator is described as about 18 years old, about 190 centimeters tall and muscular. He has dark skin and short black hair. The young man was dressed in a grey-green base-cap, shorts and sneaker shoes. Witnesses can be contacted at the Tübingen police station on 07071/972-8660.

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