Friday, July 20, 2018

Germany: Evasion of fare, throwing stones, beating - Two Africans in jail

Evasion of fare, threats and assault in the suburban railway. These crimes marked the end of the trip for two Somalis in Regis-Breitingen station on Thursday morning. The Federal Police Leipzig arrested the two and today brought the men known to the police before the magistrate of the District Court Leipzig. He issued a pre-trial warrant and they were then sent to the prison. On Thursday morning, two men without tickets boarded the suburban train in Regis-Breitingen. The 19- and 22-year-old Somalis refused to buy a ticket at the checkpoint. Therefore they should get off at the next stop in Deutzen. The train attendant called the federal police for help. In Deutzen the men resisted.They struck the train conductor, the engineer and the passengers who came to their aid.Even before the federal police arrived in Deutzen, the two Africans were forced off the train. One of them threw stones at and into the train from the platform. The men then returned to Regis-Breitingen on the suburban train that had just arrived and were arrested shortly afterwards by the Leipzig Federal Police. The Leipzig Federal Police has initiated criminal proceedings against the two Somalis known to the police. The men were brought before the magistrate of Leipzig District Court today and were taken to Leipzig Prison after being remanded.

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