Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Germany: Four African asylum seekers raped needy woman who collected empty returnable bottles

Prison sentences for four rapists from Eritrea: The young men had a needy woman (56 y/o) who earned a few cents more by collecting empty returnable bottles in a trap and had raped her. Now everyone goes to prison for six to eight years.The crime had caused horror in the Dessau district of Roßlau in the summer of 2017. The trial of Jonas M. (18), Samiel H. (19), Sultan A.(21) and Yonas A. (20) began in March 2018 before the Dessau Regional Court. The four asylum seekers had to answer for rape in particularly serious cases and dangerous bodily harm.The woman collected returnable bottles to supplement the family funds. She met the young men who drank beer and promised her the empty bottles for later. But when the woman returned to the Schlossplatz square shortly before midnight, the Eritreans dragged her into a cellar entrance. One threatened a broken bottle neck.Prosecutor Sabine Monnet (55) described at the beginning of the trial: "The victim was raped by all four defendants. Nobody used a condom." Two weeks after the crime, the later defendants were arrested. All four were found via DNA traces at the scene and on the woman.At the trial, the victim testified to the exclusion of the public. The pleas were also made without spectators in the courtroom. Most of the defendants had confessed in the course of the trial. Prosecutor Sabine Monnet demanded nine years in prison for the accused.On Tuesday, the judges of the Criminal Court decided that the two youngest accused will be sentenced under juvenile criminal law. They are imprisoned for six years, the elderly for seven or eight years. The judgment is not yet final. It is to be expected that the defenders who applied for prison sentences of three to five years for their defendants will have the judgment reviewed by the Federal Court of Justice.

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