Thursday, July 12, 2018

Germany: Jew attacked by Arab man in the city of Bonn -- Police beat up Jewish victim

After the shocking belt attack on a Jew in Berlin in April, there was another anti-Semitic attack in Germany on Wednesday, followed by embarrassing confusion on the part of the police: an Israeli university professor from the USA was first attacked by a young German with Palestinian roots before he was also overwhelmed and beaten by the summoned officials.The aggressor (20 y/o) was finally arrested after the attack on Wednesday and taken to a psychiatric clinic. At first, however, the police thought the professor was the perpetrator. When the US citizen did not respond to their acclamations and allegedly fought back, he was overwhelmed and fixed on the ground. The man was also beaten in the face. "A terrible and regrettable misunderstanding", it was said afterwards from the Bonn police headquarters.The attacker had knocked the philosophy professor's kippa off his head several times and pushed him. He insulted him in German and English and shouted, among other things: "No Jew in Germany!" In the meantime, the scientist has left Germany. Earlier, police commissioner Ursula Brohl-Sowa personally apologized to him and announced a detailed investigation of the police officers' actions.

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