Thursday, July 05, 2018

Germany: Moroccan serial offender beats pregnant woman and again resists police officers - 25-year-old pregnant woman and police office-woman injured

A man from Morocco (31 y/o), already known to the police, repeatedly resisted the intervening police officers after a reported assault on Wednesday. A 25-year-old woman and a police officer were injured. Shortly before 5 p.m. the police were called to Schifferweg Street in the town of Hameln. A woman (25 y/o) informed the emergency control centre via an emergency call that she had just been beaten and injured in an apartment by her partner's friend. Therefore, in addition to two patrol cars, an ambulance also drove to the scene. The rescue service took care of the pregnant victim and treated a facial injury. Before she was taken to the hospital, she told the officials that a dispute had arisen between her and the 31-year-old. In the course of the disputes, the man took an empty beer bottle and hit the victim in the face. In addition to a laceration, the woman had a broken incisor. She fell to the ground by the slap in the face. Here the accused is said to have additionally kicked the pregnant woman in the stomach. The accused currently denies the facts described in this way. In order to carry out further measures, in particular the taking of a blood sample ordered by a judge, the offender should be brought to the office. He finally tried to escape the police measures in which he fled into his apartment via the staircase and tried to lock out the policemen. The officials were able to prevent this attempt. The man became increasingly aggressive, insulted the officials, some of them in Arabic, and resisted by attacking the police officers. An office-woman (32 y/o) was slightly injured in an attempt to get the man known to be violent under control. With handcuffs the 31-year-old was taken to the office. The man threatened the officers present with death. He remained in police custody until the police measures were completed. The man, who comes from Morocco, has already attracted attention through an act of resistance against the police and in particular through property crimes.

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