Sunday, July 29, 2018

Germany: An officer candidate stabbed by an Iraqi in Dresden

Officer candidates Eric L. and Jens Ole P. (both 20 y/o) wanted to celebrate at a student party in the "Kiezklub" on Louisen street. A sneaky knife attack ended the evening's fun. Eric ended up on the operating table that night. The alleged stabber Evan H. (28 y/o) has been on trial since Thursday. Evan H. and two of his friends had already caught the attention of a "Kietzklub" waitress on the night of the crime in mid-February. "The three were so loud," recalled the 18-year-old in court yesterday. On the dance floor, one of the trio suddenly gave Jens Ole two slaps in the face. Officer candidate Eric (20 y/o) wanted to stand in front of his only 1.65 meter tall comrade to protect him. "That's enough now!" he said. Evan H. (28 y/o) is said to have interfered and pushed Eric off the dance floor. "Nothing is good," the Iraqi replied. Suddenly Eric felt a slight pain in his abdomen. "After a few minutes I realized that I was bleeding in my stomach" - apparently hit by knife wounds. Jens Ole pulled the injured man behind the counter and tried to stop the bleeding: "I was afraid that my comrade would die under my hands!" At an emergency surgery in the hospital, doctors then fought for four hours until the bleeding stopped. On Thursday Evan H. was silent. Judgement follows.

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