Thursday, July 19, 2018

Germany: Social Democratic City Councillor in Neuötting hung Erdogan banner out of her window

" Stand upright, stay unyielding, people are with you." This is the translation of the words, written on an Erdogan banner, which was hung out of a window of a house in Neuötting for five or six days at the end of June. This is not unusual at first, because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a large following among the Turks in Germany. It is unusual that this bright red support banner hung from the window of a social democratic SPD city councillor, who is also the adviser for family and integration of her adopted home town Neuötting. So what prompted the Turkish town councillor Saniye Can to present the Erdogan flag at her house as a social democrat? "For some time now, my family has been involved in a neighborhood dispute that has become even more acute lately. In this context, an action took place which, as I am now aware, was an unacceptable and unsuccessful overreaction," City Councillor Can explained in a written statement to the weekly Wochenblatt. The SPD city councillor left unanswered further questions in the weekly, such as why Can wanted to annoy the neighbours with an Erdogan flag of all things. A question by the Christian-social CSU faction in the city council did not shed much light either. Can explained that a crowing cock owned by her family had sparked the neighbourhood dispute, but what role Erdogan plays in this is still unclear. There is a total silence in the Neuöttingen Social Democratic Party. Neither Neuötting's mayor Peter Haugender, who is also chairman of the local SPD, nor SPD faction spokesman Jürgen Gastel wanted to comment on the incident.

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