Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Germany: Somali asylum seeker arrested after two sexual offences

Immediately after two sexual offences that took place in the town of Tübingen on Tuesday night, a 31-year-old suspect was temporarily arrested by police officers from the Tübingen police station in the course of the search in the city centre. The public prosecutor's office in Tübingen and the criminal police office in Tübingen are investigating the Somali asylum seeker from the district of Esslingen, who is already known to the police for other crimes, on urgent suspicion of attempted rape and sexual harassment. According to current investigations, an initially unknown suspect met a 23-year-old woman on her way home on foot shortly after one o'clock at Tübingen train station. After a short, inconsequential exchange of words, the woman continued on the Europa Street in the direction of Derendinger Avenue, where the man followed her. As he got closer and closer and the woman threatened to alert the police, he is said to have hit her several times, after which the young woman went down. According to the investigation, the stranger then tried to undress her forcibly. When the 23-year-old defended herself and called for help, two passers-by came to her aid, whereupon the attacker let go of his victim, who was fortunately only slightly injured. He managed to escape undetected for the time being, despite the search measures initiated immediately after the police were alerted. Around 2.45 a.m. the operator of a restaurant in the Mühl street reported that a young woman had been sexually harassed in the restaurant. A suspect grabbed her butt and is now on his way to the Neckar bridge. The immediately approaching patrol car crew succeeded in arresting the 31-year-old, to whom the personal description available for both cases applied, still in the Mühl street. Further investigations confirmed the suspicion against the arrested person in both cases. He is to be brought before the magistrate during Wednesday at the request of the public prosecutor's office in Tübingen. Criminal investigations into the offences and the question of whether the 31-year-old may be a suspect for further offences are still ongoing.

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