Sunday, July 08, 2018

Germany: Syrian entrepreneur hoists "Merkel must go" banner on his company building in Thuringia

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"Merkel must go": The sentence still seems like a punch in the face, even if it is only perceived en passant. If you drive on the A4 motorway to Gera, you can read it at the level of the industrial estate in the town of Laasdorf, as it is adorned with a large banner at the registered office of the Pagus machine trade company. Paul Guloglou is the owner, a man with a Greek passport and roots in Syrian Aleppo. The banner has been hanging on the façade for a week, and since last Friday the reactions to it have increased significantly. This may be because the AfD publishes a photo with the banner on the social networks and shares it a hundred times over. Guloglou sees himself as a European patriot: He quarrels with Merkel because she has divided Europe sustainably and has not been able to control her refugee policy so far. Those who flee war should be granted asylum. It's humane. However, the majority of refugees from Arab countries are economic refugees. "I know what fleeing means." Guloglou was born in Aleppo as the son of Armenian-Greek parents. His family history is also linked to the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

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