Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Germany: A Syrian man in custody after attempted manslaughter

The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart and the criminal police headquarters in Esslingen are investigating a 25-year-old Syrian asylum seeker on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. The man is accused of having knocked down and seriously injured a 27-year-old rival with a bicycle lock wrapped around his hand on Wednesday, the 27th of June. According to the investigations so far, there were fights between the two men in Eugen-Bolz-Street in the town of Esslingen  at about 3.15 p.m. on Wednesday. The background may have been a relationship of the elderly man to which the 25-year-old was jealous. After the dispute, the accused left and shortly afterwards returned with a massive bicycle lock wrapped around his hand. With this he struck his opponent so violently that the combination lock broke into its components and the elder went down. A witness, who had witnessed the dispute, intervened and was able to prevent the 25-year-old from receiving further blows. Then the attacker took flight. In the course of further criminal investigations, the 25-year-old was found and provisionally arrested on Tuesday morning. On the same day, he was brought before the magistrate at Esslingen District Court. He issued the arrest warrant requested by the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office and put it into effect. The accused was taken to a prison.

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