Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Munich: The honor of the owner of the kebab stall -- victim shot and burned

What happened on that Sunday in May 2017 in the four-storey building on Lugano way in Munich's Fürstenried district was probably an honour killing. The 35-year-old later victim Salam S. is said to have had an affair with the wife of the accused Hikmat A. (49). In order to restore the honour and reputation of the family of the kebab stand owner, the perfidious plan to kill S. is said to have arisen. Salam S. comes from the same place in Iraq as the suspects. The two families are related and know each other well, all were friends. The accused are said to have forced their completely surprised victim into the living room by force. While S. was sitting on the couch, Hikmat A. is said to have shot his rival with a small caliber Tokarev in the head. When he was lying on the floor, the owner of the kebab stall is said to have pulled the trigger twice more. The prosecution assumes that the men returned to the scene the next day and set the apartment on fire with a liquid grill lighter and disposable lighters to cover their tracks. At that time, at least 24 other residents were at home, according to the prosecution. Neighbours noticed the thick smoke and alerted the fire brigade. The emergency services found the partially burnt body on May 15. Despite the fire, DNA traces leading to the alleged perpetrators were found at the scene. The men were caught about three weeks later.

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