Monday, July 02, 2018

New deportation scandal: Also this perilous person is granted asylum in Germany

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The authorities have classified him as a threat to public safety and order - and yet he may remain with us. A new deportation scandal, which makes angry! Nureddin Darwish, came to Germany four years ago from Hasaka in northern Syria. His residence permit expired eight months ago. Darwish, officially 22 years old, still lives in Germany. He is registered in an apartment building in Leipzig.The charge against him: He should be an ISIS member. According to the newspaper BILD, he is said to have had connections to several Islamists known to the authorities. The investigation is under way. He was first tracked down by security a year ago. At the time, his apartment was searched, investigators seized gas ammunition. The suspicion at the time: He was supposed to have handed over a firearm and ammunition to another ISIS member in Leipzig. This suspicion has not yet been confirmed. Darwish had applied for asylum in July 2014, at that time in Chemnitz. Only two months later he received a residence permit. On BILD's request, the Federal Office for Refugees (BAMF) did not want to comment on his current status. But one thing is clear: because of the Syrian war, he cannot be deported there.

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