Sunday, July 01, 2018


Reading the story of Jeffrey Omorodion (39 y/o), there is no doubt anymore how vulnerable our asylum system is to abuse. The Nigerian is Germany's most absurd asylum case:

► He attacked a police officer.
► He was deported to France.
► He was banned from entering the country - but he's still back!

In March, Omorodion was to be deported with his family from an asylum shelter in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg to France, where he had first applied for asylum.
During the deportation, the Nigerian attacked the police with a 50-inch knife! Omorodion claims: "I was totally shocked and didn't know who was hammering at the door. To defend my family, I pulled out my long knife from under the bed. I didn't hurt anyone. When the police revealed themselves, I didn't fight back."

The officers tied him up and brought him by plane to Toulouse, his wife and the two children were also deported. The Nigerian got a re-entry ban - but didn't care...

Omorodion: "When we arrived at Toulouse airport, we had to take the bus to an address. There we were told that there was nothing they could do for us, all accommodations full. We should have stayed with the kids next to garbage bags. We went to the station, went to sleep and the next day we took the first train to Germany." The ticket was a paper issued by French authorities.

The Nigerian: "We were not controlled at the border. We arrived in Karlsruhe, where we went to the first recording. "From there we were sent back to another shelter."

The family now lives there with 40 other families - and that will remain that way for the time being! Carsten Dehner, spokesman in the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of the Interior, on BILD: "How long this takes depends on the French authorities.

Before his deportation, Omorodion received 1200 euros per month in social assistance. Financially, the Nigerian, who should no longer be here, remains secure. Spokesman Carsten Dehner: "The family receives benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act as long as it has no assets or income of its own.",view=amp.bildMobile.html

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