Sunday, July 01, 2018

"We are the people": More than 3000 citizens are protesting in the German city of Cottbus for a new political change

Berlin, seht ihr das? Mehr als 3000 Bürger demonstrierten heute erneut in für eine Wende in der Asylpolitik.
More than 3000 citizens were protesting again today in Cottbus for a change in asylum policy. Just over an hour ago, the association "Zukunft Heimat" reported: "Thousands of citizens are once again protesting in Cottbus against Merkel's policy of open borders. There are many of us, we will continue to grow and we will demonstrate until the state of emergency that has lasted since summer 2015 finally comes to an end". While at the beginning the attempt was made to stop the rallies of the citizens of Cottbus by Antifa actions and corresponding counterdemonstrations, today nothing more could be seen of the Antifa.

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