Friday, August 31, 2018

Freisler reloaded: East German court sentences man who ignited a firecracker to 10 years in prison for doing this in front of a mosque

The Dresden'mosque bomber' has been sentenced to almost 10 years for attempted murder. He is attested special hatred.

We remember:

A firecracker blows up at the door of a mosque.

No dead.

No casualties.

No special damage.

An incomprehensible medial vortex.

An incomprehensible stigmatisation of East Germany, especially Saxony.

And just hate towards East German people.

One wonders from whom to whom.

In any case, German judges now condemn feelings as an offence.

It seems so.

Austria: Minor migrants take a trip to slaughter

The visit of a group of underage migrants to a slaughterhouse in the Lower Austrian district of Korneuburg causes a stir. According to a report in the tabloid Krone, the excursion is said to have taken place so that the children can attend a ritual slaughter on the occasion of the Islamic sacrificial festival. The abattoir is already in the crossfire of criticism from animal rights activists, as it had more than 500 Romanian sheep carted, which are said to have been exposed to the blazing sun for days and were not soaked.This was the subject of several complaints and the Minister of Health, Beate Hartinger-Klein, who is also responsible for animal welfare, also intervened. 
 For this reason, animal rights activists have been protesting against slaughter in front of the slaughterhouse for days. The heated atmosphere finally reached its climax when a minibus of the SOS Children's Village organization, which accommodates orphaned children from the Third World, drove up to the farm to bring four young minor migrants who wanted to see a slaughter. "Very irritating and certainly not conducive to integration," an eyewitness told the tabloid Krone.

Germany: Neighbor Countries Issue Travel Warnings

Several Eastern European nations (Poland, the Czech republic) warned their citizens via newscasts that the Sachsen region runs a risk of rioting over the weekend whilst Switzerland even made an official announcement via it’s state department, advising all Swiss citizens that Germany’s big cities run risk of seeing major demonstrations over the weekend.The Swiss alert read: “Germany: the country is stable. There may be demonstrations in the big cities. Use caution in the vicinity of demonstrations as rioting is possible.

The German authorities point out the risk of terrorist attacks.”

To deliver desired pictures to journalists: Leftists want to show Hitler salute on AfD protest rally in Chemnitz

A Hitler salute is shown before the eyes of journalists and police: An agent provocateur? Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Apparently the funeral march of the Islam-critical AfD party in Chemnitz on Saturday is to be sabotaged by showing Nazi salutes. On the Internet, calls from left-wing activists are circulating to discredit the demonstration by that of lifting the right arm. This political symbol is forbidden in Germany. Already at the last demo there were claims that the "Heil Hitler" had come from undercover agents of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and journalists.On Twitter, one user demanded: " Pooping in the Nazis' soup properly. Get in the crowd and shout'Heil Hitler' really loud 2-3 times. "We'll have the headlines in the papers tomorrow." This strategy is intended to provide journalists with the images they need to defame the demonstration as a Nazi march.Already during the protest march on Monday, in which 10,000 people took part, few demonstrators had openly shown the Hitler salute to the photographers. They posed with it. Many were surprised that the police next door did not intervene. Activists then asserted that the two, which were repeatedly shown, were an informal member of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and the other was a journalist. These statements are initially not verifiable.Although a cross-section of the population had taken to the streets, these images dominated media coverage. This was the alleged proof that the Nazis had captured Chemnitz and that all participants were fascists.Now many journalists are waiting to take similar pictures on Saturday as well. AfD is concerned that provocateurs could deliberately enter the demonstration in order to provoke unpleasant images. The three state chairmen of Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg already said at the demonstration on Monday: "Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out that provocateurs will be infiltrated into our funeral procession - by whoever. Stay alert, report provocations to the folders and, if possible, film interferences to gather evidence for subsequent prosecution."Several thousand people are expected to attend the dignified funeral march, dressed in black and without political messages, on Saturday at 5 pm. Only white roses as a sign of grief and national flags should be allowed to be shown.

Minister of the Merkel government on the incidents in Chemnitz: "I am not interested in the concerns of the people."

The Merkel cabinet is now pulling away its last veil: "The events in Chemnitz cannot be the occasion to ask about people's worries and needs," said Justice Minister Katarina Barley bluntly yesterday in the television talk show "Maybrit Illner".The Merkel cabinet is now pulling away its last veil: "The events in Chemnitz cannot be the occasion to ask about people's worries and needs," said Justice Minister Katarina Barley bluntly yesterday in the television talk show "Maybrit Illner". Afraid of being killed by the next knife man? Politicians must not concern themselves with this. According to the mantra presented, only three things are allowed to be at stake: right-wing radicalism, fascism and Nazis.The Social Democrat: "You have to name what happened as what it is: right-wing radicalism and crime." Barley continues: "What happened in Chemnitz has nothing to do with fear and grief and hardship!"She demands a final decision from the people: Now is the time for everyone to decide: Do I want to accept these protests? And if not, he must stand up against it, according to the Minister of Justice. Anyone who has woken up from the euphoria of refugees incited in him should find this decision easy; but differently than Barley hopes for.Even the pro Merkel Internet portal Focus-Online writes: "Barley reveals in its statements the trend towards alienation from the people, which is currently widespread in German politics. It is the "reflex to narrow the debate on the brutal and right-wing extremist demonstrators in Chemnitz. Politicians like Barley forget that many citizens also participated in the demonstrations in Chemnitz, which cannot be assigned to this spectrum. These are currently being ignored in the debate, their concerns and fears are not being taken seriously."

Germany: Main suspected murderer from Chemnitz presented forged documents in asylum proceedings

The main suspect of the deadly knife attack in Chemnitz had submitted forged documents in his asylum proceedings. Two of the documents he submitted were "total forgeries". This was reported by the weekly "Spiegel" in reference to an investigation by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Dutch Police Shoot Knifeman After Two Stabbed at Amsterdam Station

Dutch police responded to a ‘stabbing incident’ at Amsterdam Central railway station early Friday afternoon, shooting a suspect after two were stabbed.

The suspect and two victims were taken to hospital after the incident, and police confirmed they had shot one person. There were no reported fatalities.

Bij steekincident op Amsterdam CS is door politie een verdachte neergeschoten. Onderzoek is gaande
Nadere berichtgeving volgt.
No information about the identities of those involved has yet been released, reports Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. It is not known if the attack was terror-related.

Witnesses took to social media to describe the station being evacuated before one o’clock Friday afternoon. Dutch police released their own statement subsequently, however, saying the station had not been evacuated and only two platforms were closed to traffic.

German mass media incite rabble-rousing against protesting citizens and falsify the facts of the incidents in Chemnitz

The mass media are sticking steadfastly to their horror stories. Last night the state broadcaster ZDF still spoke of " hunts for foreigners ", although they did not exist.
With today's publications it is difficult to decide who has taken the cake of propaganda journalism.The daily FAZ came up with a report on the alleged situation in Chemnitz, as a leftist bookseller sees it. The text is garnished with a manipulated photo. It shows alleged right-wing extremists holding up a shield with the word "terror". This is to suggest that right-wing extremists are calling for terror against the state.
However, the original photo shows a banner on which "No access for terror" is written. What prompted the FAZ to finally ruin its reputation with such a clumsy, easily detectable counterfeit?

Original photo ( Text on the poster: No access for terror! )

The photo as "edited" by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ)

Austrian Police Offer Reward to Identify Burqa-Wearing Bank Robber

Austrian police have offered the public a 2,000 euro reward to identify a man who robbed a Vienna bank while disguising himself as a woman wearing the Islamic veil.

The unknown man robbed a bank in the Vienna district of Simmering on June 16 but police in the Austrian capital have been so far unable to determine his identity and are now reaching out to the public for information, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Nicknamed the “Burqa-Phantom”, the man left a note on the desk of the bank demanding cash and produced a golden pistol while being handed several thousand euros. The six-foot-tall man, believed by investigators to not be from Austria originally, fled the scene on foot but a witness was able to photograph him in a nearby courtyard without his burqa.Investigators are also looking into connections to another robbery in July, which also involved a man disguised in an Islamic veil, rob a bank in the district of Floridsdorf. One of the workers in the bank began screaming during the robbery leading to the man putting his pistol away and using pepper spray on several people, fleeing the area.Later that month, another bank was robbed in the city of Linz by a suspect also wearing an Islamic headscarf. Each case saw the same financial institution robbed, leading investigators to look for possible connections between them.

The number of foreign criminal suspects in Vienna has drastically increased in recent years with a new report from the Austrian Interior Ministry showing that foreign-born suspects make up more than 50 percent of the total number of suspects in the city. Across the rest of the country, foreigners account for nearly half of criminal suspects.

Austria is also one of the European countries to have banned the wearing of the full-face Islamic veil in public, passing a law last year after being pushed by Sebastian Kurz who now leads the country as Chancellor.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

18-year-old woman in a crowded bus sexually coerced by a dark skinned man in Giessen, Germany -- None of the passengers came to her aid

Were there no witnesses on Wednesday, around 1.15 p.m., on a full bus of line 1? This accusation arises after an incident on bus line 1 in Gießen. Apparently a stranger had pressed and indecently touched an 18-year-old in the bus that was on its way to Rödgen in the area of Richard-Wagner-Straße. The woman from Giessen then turned to the bus driver in her distress. According to the investigations so far, several bus passengers had probably noticed everything and had not helped the 18-year-old. The perpetrator is said to be about 18 years old and 175 centimeters tall. I hear he has a dark complexion. A red training jacket with two white longitudinal stripes in the front area should be conspicuous at it. He is said to have a big nose and carried a backpack. He is said to have spoken German with an accent. Please call the police station Gießen Süd on 0641/7006-3555.

A real hero: He wanted the truth not to be concealed again - judicial officer from Chemnitz published arrest warrant for the knife-killer

Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, Text

How big must the despair about the situation in Germany be in the meantime, if a 39-year-old judicial officer puts his job at risk, because he is afraid that the truth will be concealed? The man admitted to photographing the arrest warrant for the "refugee" Yousif A. and passing it on. And for the following reason: "I wanted the truth and only the truth to come to light in public," Daniel Zabel (Photo above ) explained.That's what the man told the tabloid Bild. The document shows how cruelly 35-year-old Daniel Hillig was stabbed to death. And that the suspect has multiple criminal records and his application for asylum has been rejected. Daniel Zabel's reasoning is like an indictment: "Police and justice have hardly given any information. I wanted to know what really happened, photographed the arrest warrant that was still in the access area after entry."The judicial officer is not entirely wrong: without the publication, the state failure, which is also blatant in this case, would never have come to light. It wasn't until the arrest warrant was reported that all this became apparent. Yusif A. had already been sentenced six times, but never went to prison. Also, the fact that his application for asylum was rejected but not deported but tolerated despite all the crimes would not have become public.24 hours after he photographed the warrant he sent it by mobile phone to colleagues from the judiciary, friends of the stabbed Daniel H. and the civil rights group "Pro Chemnitz".He said that he also reveals himself because he does not want "that people will continue to be persecuted because I have published the arrest warrant". Apparently he was shocked by the numerous house searches. Nobody should suffer because of him. A man with a backbone who has shown courage. Now he has to expect to get a trial and lose his job.