Friday, August 03, 2018

1066 AD in 2018 AD

By Jeffrey Markus 

In October of 1066, shortly after Harold Godwinson received an arrow to the eye, victory in the Battle of Hastings cemented William the Conqueror's right to the English throne. Historians note the unique nature of the year 1066 as marking the last time England was invaded by an outside force.

Two groups have made up the bulk of immigration to the U.K. within the last few decades: Poles and Middle Easterners from Islamic nations. By and large, the Poles have assimilated quite well, with the children of the initial wave of immigrants describing themselves as thoroughly British in both culture and disposition. They have, as a whole, been appreciative of the superior economic conditions afforded them by the U.K, and thus have more quickly internalized the common culture of the West. In short, they have assimilated and have enhanced their new home.

Sizeable parts of London, by all accounts a western, cosmopolitan city, are throwbacks to the 7th century. Decapitated goat heads lie on streets. Blood from slaughtered animals is visible. In March, just a few months ago, Umar Haque, a teacher at an Islamic school, was discovered to have made detailed plans to launch simultaneous attacks on gay bars, even recruiting his students to carry out his religion-inspired attacks. London’s mayor, a Muslim himself, recently detailed how he received numerous death threats from fellow Muslims for registering his support of Pride Month in London. The author needs not remind his readership of the countless and prolific terror attack attempts which have been made all over the U.K.

At what point does a society which birthed the Magna Carta, sent her navies to the farthest corners of the globe, exported a system of common law to her colonies, and stood at the fore of technological and scientific advancement take a pause and say ‘enough is enough?’ It is ironic that British politicians, particularly the remainers such as the current Prime Minister (yes, she is a closeted remainer), go to extreme lengths to endorse the successful assimilation of groups such as the Poles, but deliberately ignore or downplay the abysmal failure of the Muslims. Sizeable portions of the British Muslim population have shown their support for Sharia Law in poll after poll. The British government actually allows some courts to practice portions of Sharia Law. Make no mistake -- this is an invasion, and one which the British ruling class has both aided and abetted for the sake of multicultural bona fides and to show that their cosmopolitanism can compete with the best of Brussels and the ‘forward thinking’ European societies.

Where is it written that Brits must accept as inevitable the slow erosion and destruction of one of the greatest, most civilized societies history has ever known? Until the U.K. tenders its full withdrawal from the European Union, historians will continue to be wrong that 1066 marked the last time the British isles underwent an invasion.

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