Monday, August 06, 2018

Asylum seeker Abdarahman A.: More than 20 criminal offences - nevertheless the serial offender remains in Germany

In the district of Vogtland there are 67 MITA (abbreviation of the policy for "multiple intensive offender asylum seeker"). The tabloid BILD uses Abdarahman A.(26 y/o) as an example to explain the nature of those perpetrators. He came to Germany as early as 2011, claiming to be a motor mechanic. The Federal Central Register shows seven convictions from the cities of Plauen, Ulm and Hamburg - a criminal offender travelling in Germany. The Post square in Plauen was "his" territory from summer 2017 to spring 2018; there were more than 20 criminal offences (which became known, number of unreported cases unclear), he even peed on a patrol car. "I drank a lot, Abdarahman A. said at the trial at Zwickau District Court. And: "I did not understand what I was doing. I know it was wrong, but I didn't realize it until later." He said to the judge, "If I go to jail, I'll kill myself." Judge Stefan Noback: "I will not be blackmailed." Sentence: Four years in prison. Abdarahman A. need not fear deportation: Germany is not deporting to Libya. By the way, a day in custody costs the taxpayer around 105 euros. That's more than 150,000 euros in four years.

The criminal records of Abdarahman A.

► August 28, 2017: Theft food for 28.29 euros, Netto market Plauen.
► September 5, 2017: Theft of electrical goods for 69.96 Euro, Kaufland Plauen.
► September 18, 2017: Theft bottle of gold brand for 4.99 euros, Konsum Plauen.
► September 20, 2017: Theft of 5 bottles of perfume for 387.55 Euro, Chemist Müller, Plauen.
► September 20, 2017: Theft food for 26.58 Euro, Netto market Plauen.
► September 21, 2017: Theft of 2 bottles of vodka for 14.98 Euro, Netto market Plauen despite house ban.
► September 21, 2017: Theft trousers, jacket, T-shirt, leather jacket, shoes for 184.95 Euro, H&M, Plauen.
► September 22, 2017: Theft bottle of vodka for 4.99 euros, Norma, Plauen. He beats up an employee on the run.
► September 22, 2017, just 30 minutes later: theft bottle of vodka for 7.49 pm, Netto market Plauen, he sprays a saleswoman pepper spray in the face.
►. September 6, 2017: Theft 2 jackets, shirt, sweater, trousers for 194,95 Euro, H&M Plauen 
October 2, 2017: Theft of food for 11.77 euros, Konsum Plauen, despite house ban.
►. October 2017: Theft of liqueur and rice for 4.97 Euro, Kaufland Plauen.
►. November 2017: Theft boots, headphones, sweets for a total of 57.87 euros, Kaufland Plauen despite house ban.
►. November 2017: Theft loudspeaker box for 29.99 Euro, Kaufland Plauen.
► November 2017: No theft. But: He insults six policemen with "Fuck the Police", shows you the middle finger, Post square Plauen.
► November 2017, trip to Zwickau: Theft of fruit and vodka for 37.31 euros, Norma Zwickau, on the run he injures a saleswoman who wants to stop him. Four months in prison.
►. March 2018: Theft jacket, T-shirt, socks for 69,96 Euro, H&M Plauen.
►. March 2018: Theft of 6 bottles of perfume for 493,20 Euro, drugstore Müller Plauen.
►. March 2018: Abdarahman A. peeing on the Post Square against a patrol car, sits heavily on the bonnet. 351,41 Euro damage.
►. March 2018: Theft of 2 bottles of perfume for 101.90 Euro, drugstore Müller Plauen.
►. March 2018, 5 hours later: Again 2 bottles of perfume for 101.90 Euro, drugstore Müller Plauen.
►. March 2018: Theft 2 necklaces, gloves, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets, belts for 155,94 Euro, H&M Plauen.

►. March 2018: Theft a perfume for 41.95 euros, drugstore Müller Plauen. arrested and remanded in custody.

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