Monday, August 06, 2018

Austria: "The playground is our territory" -- 20 asylum seekers engage in fierce turf wars

On Sunday evening, an Afghan (21 y/o) was forced by compatriots on a playground in Steyr, Upper Austria, to leave it immediately - it had become their territory! The situation got worse and worse until initial fights turned into a real mass brawl. Up to 20 asylum seekers went at each other. Two men had to be admitted to hospital. The Afghan asylum seeker  from Ternberg was asked by several unknown compatriots to leave the site immediately on Sunday at about 9.30 pm in Steyr. The 21-year-old then called in a 19-year-old friend, who in turn "recruited" three more Afghans to support him.The quintet then started with fists on the 15-person Afghan group at the playground. Eventually, the five attackers withdrew and took a taxi to Ternberg. Suddenly several cars next to the group stopped there, several strangers, armed with wooden sticks and an axe, got out. Fists fought again. The 21-year-old and one of his friends were so injured that they had to be taken to hospital. The police are investigating.

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