Saturday, August 11, 2018

WATCH - Employees attacked with bollards: Violent asylum seeker from Fröndenberg besieges Procar car dealership in Unna - branch manager: "Unbelievable what's going on here".


His raging demolition of a service Volvo of the city of Fröndenberg was only the beginning on July 31st. Now he frightens the employees of BMW Procar Unna. Branch manager Markus Grüner said this Friday in an interview with our editorial staff: "It is incomprehensible what is going on here.Since Wednesday last week, the BMW car dealership on Hansa Street has been besieged by the highly aggressive asylum seeker. The highlight so far, or rather the lowest point, was reached when the young African attacked four employees with an iron bollard last Friday - a week ago - and then smashed the bollard like a ram against the window of the office into which the four had fled.The safety glass withstood the frantic attack. "Otherwise it could have been fatal." Markus Grüner says, seemingly cool and sober, but this is the limit for the store manager with this attack on the life and limb of his employees. "It is completely incomprehensible to me that such a man can run free."The worsening of the scenario was described to us with remarkable openness by the head of the long-established BMW store this Friday afternoon.So it started with the 23-year-old, known to the police, demolishing a municipal company car in Fröndenberg on Tuesday evening last week (31 st of July), with kicks and a big stone.The aggressor was taken away - for the time being - and immediately released.A video of the attack at Fröndenberg City Hall is circulating on the net. It shows the strong, grim-looking man dragging thick stones like a packet of butter. This video is also known in the Procar dealership. Of course, Markus Grüner and his colleagues did not yet know what an unbridled willingness to use violence they were faced with when a young man appeared in the car dealership on Wednesday last week (1st of August) - a few hours before Syrian and Afghan immigrants would have a fierce fight on the town hall square. (See this report)
He wanted to buy a car, as usual. "He was interested in a BMW beyond 50,000 euros," says Grüner.When asked for his identity card, however, the customer can only show proof of willingness to tolerate the asylum seeker until mid-August. He doesn't have an ID card. So the dealership can't sell him a car. The young African is registered as an asylum seeker in Fröndenberg, where he lives in a shared accommodation. He has a card with the telephone number of the refugee aide group. The Procar employee calls Fröndenberg. And he learns that the young man is prone to violence: Watch out, he is advised to remain calm and friendly. The employee reacts calmly, everything goes smoothly today, the young man leaves the dealership.The next day, on Thursdays, he shows up at Procar again. Again he wants to buy a vehicle, again it is not possible, for the known reasons. This time the group of refugee aides from Unna picks him up.Friday. Around 10 a.m. the young African stands again in the BMW dealership on Hansa Street. He wants to buy this expensive 50,000 Euro BMW again. He wants to pay it with toy money, reports Markus Grüner.When he is politely told that this is not possible, he becomes unruly. At first he insults the employee, attacks him with outrageous swearwords. He is asked to leave the dealership. That's what he does - goes straight to the used cars and kicks a bumper with rage, not just once. Amount of damage: 2000 to 3000 Euro. The police come, take the aggressive young man with them. He will be reported to the police and banned from the house. Markus Grüner is told that he will be in his cell until 8 pm. He's going to his branch in Menden. At 6.30 pm he gets a call from Unna: "He's back." Again the police come, expel the African, note down trespassing. The 23-year-old waits at a tree near the dealership until the officers have left. And then, Markus Grüner describes, it gets really bad. "After 20 minutes, he apparently decided, "Here we go."The man tears out a heavy metal bollard standing on the Ceresit Company property opposite Procar and storms off armed onto four employees just leaving the building. The employees see the approaching danger, flee from the raging attacker through the side entrance, one closes the door. Several times the asylum seeker smashes the post in front of the window like a battering ram. It withstands the attack thanks to safety glass. For Markus Grüner there is no doubt what could have happened if the window had broken: "He could have killed them."The police come again and take the already well known "client" with them. "I knew that he will be out by 8 a.m. on Saturday morning," says the head of the car dealership without any illusions.

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