Monday, August 06, 2018

Excess of violence: 15 migrants beating up nine Germans

Now it's also happening in Frankfurt on the Oder River: around 15 migrants from Syria, Ethiopia and Iran instigated a mass brawl on Sunday morning in the centre of the city in the federal state of Brandenburg. The multicultural gang marched up in front of a McDonalds store in Slubice Street.Two of the immigrants went to the fast food restaurant and, according to the police, "deliberately provoked a total of nine people in the restaurant in order to lure them outdoors". There they beat up their German victims. They used bottles and belts.Only because the police - presumably by the McDonalds employees - were immediately alerted and arrived at the scene with several police cars of the state and federal police, a longer and more serious confrontation could be prevented, a police spokesman told the daily Tagesspiegel. A total of three people were injured, all of them German citizens.The attackers fled at first, but the officers were able to arrest eleven of them between the ages of 17 and 29. They come from Syria, Ethiopia and Iran. So far, police have been unable to find out anything about the background to the crime.

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