Sunday, August 26, 2018

Germany: Afghan abuses and impregnates 11-year-old girl

An asylum seeker is said to have sexually abused a primary schoolgirl and subsequently forced her to abort pregnancy. The trial of an allegedly 19-year-old man is currently taking place behind closed doors in front of the court in Bad Hersfeld, excluding the press and the public. The man is said to have abused a girl with serious consequences. The primary schoolgirl got pregnant from the probable rape.According to the newspaper HNA, the Afghan man reported during the trial that sexual intercourse between him and the 11-year-old had been mutually agreed. The girl seems to deny that. Besides the traumatic experience, she had to undergo an abortion. Her tormentor also claims that the child said that it was 15 years old. He also denies having purchased pills to abort the pregnancy."Another disgusting case of cultural inconceivability, as it increasingly afflicts even the youngest. This reveals an archaic understanding of roles that women and girls see as goods that are easy to misappropriate, and that without a guilty conscience. As an ostensibly 19-year-old, the Afghan is expected, if at all, to be convicted under juvenile criminal law. How do you protect your children from such attacks," asks AfD chairwoman Alice Weidel on her Facebook account.

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