Thursday, August 02, 2018

Germany: Afghans insult, beat up and rob passengers in the suburban train

A physical confrontation between four men took place in the night from Wednesday (August 1st) to Thursday (August 2nd) at about 00.20 am in a suburban train of line S1. According to initial findings, a 20-year-old and a 27-year-old Afghan citizen insulted a 23-year-old traveler on a trip from Esslingen am Neckar to Stuttgart. A 50-year-old traveller is said to have tried to mediate, which led to a physical conflict between the parties involved. The 23-year-old was hit in the nose with a fist and the 50-year-old suffered minor injuries to the knee and elbows. One of the two suspects apparently stole the elderly traveller's cell phone during the dispute. The two alleged perpetrators, who lived in the district of Esslingen, subsequently fled at the stop in Mettingen. An alarmed patrol of the state police temporarily arrested the two men in the area of the Mettinger sports field. The federal police have now started investigations into suspicions of bodily injury and theft and are looking for further witnesses in this connection. Relevant information can be obtained by calling +49711870350.

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