Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Germany: African man arrested after sex murder of homeless woman -- Another needy bottle collector was the victim of asylum seekers

Police photo Susanne M.

One week after the murder of Susanne M. from Hanover, police arrested a suspect. The man is accused of raping and murdering the 63-year-old "to satisfy his sex drive. Susanne M. had been massively strangled and died of it. The accused admitted to the judge that she had sexually violated the 63-year-old against her will. "However, he had not intended to kill her," said the prosecutor.According to the police, Susanne M. belonged to the local homeless scene and made a living collecting returnable bottles. According to the daily HAZ information, the 44-year-old perpetrator is also a member of the milieu and had applied for asylum in Germany. His nationality - probably an African one - and also his exact age are therefore not clearly established. He apparently left shortly after the body was found and wanted to get new identification papers in Helmstedt. According to the chief public prosecutor, however, the "meticulous investigative work of the criminal police" had put the police on the suspect's trail. DNA traces were found on the victim, which led to his record in the police database. The man known to the police had recently been sentenced to three months' probation for sexual harassment, which is why the comparison material was available.

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