Thursday, August 09, 2018

Germany: African man attacks police officers

At the request of the Mannheim Public Prosecutor's Office, the Mannheim District Court issued an arrest warrant against a 20-year-old man from Guinea. He is suspected of assaulting police officers on Saturday the 4th of August. The suspect was observed and provisionally arrested around four o'clock by police officers in the square N 3 street during an attempted bicycle theft. During transport to the Mannheim city centre police station, he behaved aggressively and screamed out loud. He also tried to spit at a police officer while the vehicle was driving and then head-butted him. The police officer suffered minor injuries to his temple. Further investigations by the drug investigation team revealed that the suspect had already committed similar offences in the past, including an assault on federal police officers at Frankfurt Airport. After the suspect was brought before a judge at the Mannheim District Court and the arrest warrant was opened, he was taken to a prison.

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