Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Germany: Arab-looking men harass 17-year-old girls in the train and attack their companion

A physical confrontation between two groups of people took place during the night from Tuesday (31st July) to Wednesday (1st August) around 00.55 a.m. in an S4 suburban train. According to initial findings, two previously unknown men boarded the train at the Stuttgart-Stadtmitte stop and sat down opposite two 17-year-old women and their 18-year-old companion. According to witnesses, one of the two unknown men on the way to Ludwigsburg is said to have approached one of the 17-year-olds. After the traveller apparently refused the conversation, the group of three moved away from the two strangers. In the further course of the journey, the two men are said to have visited the group of people again, which is why the 18-year-old placed his arm in front of the woman in a protective position. Then one of the men pushed the young man away, which is why a struggle developed between the two strangers and him. According to witnesses, the two alleged perpetrators then attacked the 18-year-old, tearing his shirt. After arriving at Ludwigsburg station, the dispute shifted to the platform. Passers-by prevented the young person from being hit and alerted the emergency call. The two unknown men then fled unidentified in the direction of the bus station. They are described with an Arabic appearance. The Federal Police has started the investigation into the incident and is looking for further witnesses in this connection. Relevant information, especially regarding the previously unknown perpetrators, can be obtained by calling +49711870350.

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