Monday, August 06, 2018

Germany: Church St. Maria Himmelfahrt in Stolberg fired at twice in one day

Foto: Polizei

After strangers fired several shots at windows of the church of St. Maria Himmelfahrt in the Salm street in Stolberg on Sunday, the CID investigates. Nobody was hurt. On Sunday, 12.10 p.m., during the fair, visitors heard banging noises, glass bursting shortly afterwards. A check revealed that a glass pane was damaged in the area of the gallery. The alarmed police later found deformed ammunition of an air rifle below this target. Around 7 p.m., at the beginning of the evening mass, several shots were fired at the church windows. Here, too, the glass shattered. One person later told the police that the splinters had literally flown around his ears. Another shot was fired while he was still alerting the police. No one was hurt here either. The police immediately started an investigation, but it was unsuccessful. In the evening, the officers secured evidence at the scene of the crime. The officers searched an apartment in the immediate vicinity of the church. In the process, however, they found nothing that could brighten up the crime. The background to the crime is still completely unclear. Above a picture of the crime scene.

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