Sunday, August 12, 2018

Criminal Somalian leaves Germany voluntarily after AfD rally

Picture: AfD

The Somali sex offender, who was assigned to the community of Haßloch in Rhineland-Palatinate for housing, voluntarily left Germany after a total of three rallies by the Islam-critical AfD faction. The rejected asylum seeker returned to Somalia on 6th of August accompanied by a doctor. As a "reward", the offender received 1,300 euros from the German taxpayer afterwards.Previously, the Somali sex offender could not be deported despite a conviction and several years in prison, since his home country refused to accept rejected asylum seekers in principle. In mid-November 2017, the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) of Rhineland-Palatinate in Koblenz ruled that the community of 20,000 inhabitants had to accept a rejected asylum seeker who had served a three-year prison sentence for several sexual offences. The sex offender, who comes from Somalia, is considered particularly aggressive and at risk of relapse due to his alleged psychosis.The AfD faction called for the deportation of the man at three rallies under the motto: "Protect citizens, stop asylum madness". Matthias Joa, Member of the Landtag from the AfD : " AfD works! After a total of three rallies by our group, the Somali sex offender has left Germany voluntarily. This success is due in particular to our public awareness work. It has become clear that established parties and authorities want to postpone the problem for the time being. At the beginning, 'Refugees Welcome' - Minister Spiegel merely expressed her 'concern' about the situation in a letter.Matthias Joa continues: "It is unacceptable that a country like Somalia should be promised millions in development aid, but the authorities refuse to take back criminal and rejected asylum seekers. If this lack of cooperation continues, Somalia must have all its money cut. Instead of being deported, the sex offender was also rewarded with 1,300 € for his voluntary departure. The AfD will continue to use the means of rallies to give citizens a voice that has been ignored for too long by the left-wing elites and established parties".

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