Saturday, August 11, 2018

Germany: Four Syrian asylum seekers steal 58 weapons and are only punished with a suspended sentence

It's like a civil war raid! Four Syrians plunder an arms trade in Dresden. Nobody asks the question for what purpose. This was not an ordinary theft that Adel Al A., Omar Y., Mustafa S. and Khaled A., all between the ages of 15 and 20, made at night. Together they captured revolvers, pistols, rifles, knives, truncheons and three stun guns, as well as ammunition and a baseball bat. The value of the loot was more than 12,000 euros. A total of 58 weapons were stolen.To get to the hot goods, the four masked men smashed the shop windows with hammers, broke the glass and then filled their backpacks. Fortunately, passers-by watched the doings and called the police, who arrested the quartet. Only ridiculous juvenile sentences were punished in court for this, even though theft, insult, spitting attacks, death threats with a knife, violence and deprivation of liberty were already apparent before the robbery of weapons. Such creatures should be deported immediately.I can't believe what could have happened if the theft had succeeded. What were the young men doing with that arsenal of weapons anyway? Planning the next terrorist attack? Prevent your own deportation with weapons? Equipping Islamists in the asylum-seekers' home for a new assassination? It is the sheer insanity of whoever is romping about in Germany seeking asylum. All the more incomprehensible, therefore, why, despite a large criminal record, the only sensible consequence is not made: Deportation. Now!

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