Saturday, August 04, 2018

Germany: Libyan man misses a train and freaks out because police officers don't want to chauffeur him

Unbelievable: Yesterday at about 1 am, a 28-year-old Libyan citizen approached a patrol of the Federal Police Inspection Chemnitz at the rear entrance to the offices of the Federal Police at Chemnitz main station and wanted to know how he would get to Freiberg. Apparently the man was drunk and missed the last train.The officials explained to him the possibilities, e.g. to take a taxi or to wait for the next train to Freiberg. However, the man did not like the possibilities presented, and he showed his displeasure with them in a vocal gesticulation. He said that the officers had to help him, because he was a foreigner. As the Libyan was extremely uncooperative and aggressive, he was expelled. Since he did not comply, the man was accompanied by the officers to the forecourt of the station. Here he shouted after the officers and threw his mobile phone, which was damaged, and his identity papers at the officers.The Libyan resisted the expulsion, threatened and insulted the federal police. After recording the case and reporting the act of resistance and insult, the man was given the opportunity to call his wife. She picked him up around 03:25 o'clock.

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