Sunday, August 05, 2018

Germany needs 250 policemen to transfer a handful of migrants to another shelter

Around 250 policemen, together with riot police, dog handlers and ambulances were sent to a migrant centre in the city of Donauwörth on Friday, newspaper Die Welt reports.

The complete division moved out because five male immigrants, who were involved in conflicts in recent weeks had to be transferred to other refugee shelters.

Four of the five Gambian nationals were found and transferred to other facilities. There was evidence some of the residents had dangerous items in their rooms.

The first event, the inspection of the accommodation in the morning, was followed by a second large-scale operation in the evening of the same day.

Around 7 pm, about 20 police vehicles with blue lights and sirens moved into the refugee centre. According to the police “Due to an emphatic approach and a transparent explanation no physical force had to be applied”.

They also assisted the security service in transferring thirty Gambian immigrants within the accommodation. The relocation was necessary to allow families to use larger rooms and to make the occupancy altogether more conflict-free in the future.

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