Friday, August 03, 2018

Germany: Presumably Arabs drag woman into a car and rape her

The Heilbronn Criminal Investigation Department is looking for witnesses who were at Heilbronn main station or Mozart Street last Saturday morning and made suspicious observations that may not have been linked to a crime at the time. According to the current state of the investigation, a young woman was sitting on a bench this Saturday between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. opposite the bus and suburban train stops at the main station, in front of the restaurants there. She had been approached by two men. According to the woman, she was grabbed at her wrist and shoulder by the two of them and pulled past a computer shop located in the Bahnhof Street via a footpath into Mozart Street. There she had to get into a small white car parked opposite a hotel. The car is said to have been a newer model similar to an Audi A1. Sexual assaults had occurred in the car. After that, the alleged perpetrators let their victim go and drove off in the direction of Frankfurter Street.Both perpetrators were described as Mediterranean, possibly from the Arab world. 

One is about 25 years old and smaller than 1.60 meters. He has broad shoulders and looks sporty. He had been dressed in a green tank top with a black print on the back. His hair was black and short, he wore a three-day stubble. The second stranger was about 30 years old and, at 1.80 to 1.85 metres, was significantly taller than his accomplice. He had an ordinary figure and was dressed in black long trousers and a red Adidas T-shirt. The man's beard was slightly longer than a three-day stubble and his hair was dark and short.Since there were people at the station forecourt and possibly also in Mozart Street at the time of the crime, the criminal investigation department hopes for witnesses and has the following questions: - Who saw the two men described above in more detail at the station forecourt or in Mozart Street? - Has anyone seen the woman approached or pulled away from the bench? - Who noticed the little white car in front of the hotel on Mozart Street? - Did anyone see the car being parked or driven away? - Can anyone describe the car in more detail? - Who can provide other information on the course of the crime or the perpetrators? Witnesses are requested to contact the Heilbronn criminal police on 07131 104-4444.

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