Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Hamburg Parliament: Politically radical German-Turkish Nebahat Güçlü changes to Germany's Social Democratic Party

The Social Democratic Party (SPD) has added a prominent but highly controversial new member. Nebahat Güçlü, who made headlines with her appearance with an extreme right-wing Turkish organisation, is a member of the Hamburg Parliament. Three years ago Güçlü left the Green Party. There had been a tremendous amount of anger because she had spoken at the Federation of Turkish Democratic Idealist Associations in Germany. This is regarded as a platform for the right-wing extremist Grey Wolves, who are blamed for numerous political murders in Turkey, the daily Hamburger Abendblatt reports. One of Güçlü's party exclusions had failed.The politician, who became a member of the SPD in 1995, is now "on probation" for one year. The former chairwoman of the Turkish community in Hamburg is still without a faction. If she also joined the SPD faction, the Social Democrats would have 60 of the 121 seats in the parliament. They would therefore only need one seat for an absolute majority. The SPD currently rules with the Green Party. Güçlü did not mention her passion for Turkish interests when she joined the party: "I was also involved in social policy with the Greens, there are no differences to the SPD," she said succinctly. "I feel I'm in good hands with the Party." Former left-wing caucus leader Dora Heyenn had also recently joined the SPD caucus. The Hamburg faction is growing without the help of the voters.

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