Friday, August 10, 2018

Misogynistic attack in the Muslim Berlin district of Wedding

Brutale Bereicherung (Bild: Screenshot)

Misogynist attack in Berlin-Wedding: A Mediterranean man throws a shopping trolley at a teenager and knocks her to the ground. He can then leave the crime scene undisturbed.
In the Muslim Berlin district of Wedding, which many already consider to be one of the most desperate, a so-called " Mediterranean" attacks a young girl by throwing a shopping trolley at her and then brutally beating her to the ground. After that the "benefactor" can leave the place completely undisturbed. No one - neither the police nor any of the local people - is preventing this immigrant in Merkel year 2018 from doing anything.

Frauenfeindliche Attacke in -Wedding: Ein Südländer bewirft eine Jugendliche mit einem Einkaufstrolley und schlägt sie zu Boden. Völlig unbehelligt kann er den verlassen. 😳

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