Sunday, August 05, 2018

No "skirmishes", but bloody mass brawl at the town hall square in Unna, Germany - witness: "The police's trivialization of this incident is shocking."

The mag Rundblick Unna reports:

Not just "skirmishes" between 5 to 8 people, by no means just a few black eyes and lacerations. Instead, a mass brawl took place on Wednesday evening at the town hall square in Unna, using a variety of weapons and with a terrifying potential for violence, an eyewitness from Unna told us this Saturday afternoon.She was a guest at Restaurant Alimentari that evening and saw everything from the very first minute. The description of the 31-year-old from Unna deviates so starkly from the report of the police headquarters on Friday evening that we now let the witness - who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous - tell here how she experienced this evening in front of the Unna town hall."I was in the Alimentari on Town Hall Square and I saw what happened. The next day I was already surprised that nowhere was reported about it. When I read the police report last night, I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. We can't let this pass unchallenged. This description is absolutely not what I and the other witnesses experienced that evening. It definitely wasn't five to eight people. There were more, much more. About 20, 30 men had gathered.Some disappeared, of course, when the first patrol car arrived, but only five to eight people - as was claimed - had definitely not been there.From the Alimentari Tavern you have a good view over the whole place. We saw them fighting on every corner. [...] A young man was lying in front of the Alimentari, covered in blood. He was provisionally shielded with chairs. There were three ambulances on the scene. This, too, does not quite fit the description of the police, it would only have been skirmishes. We locked ourselves in the restaurant out of fear. Children also stayed there at this time.On the question with what these men fought: I have seen belts, chain-like objects - I don't know anything about weapons -, at the fountain someone had something in his hand that looked like a knife, whether a butterfly knife or a kitchen knife, I don't know. As for the origin of the men, I would or can say that they were young Mediterraneaners, Arabs, Moroccans, Syrians...

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