Thursday, August 09, 2018

Rape in Rosenheim, Bavaria -- Two asylum seekers from Somalia arrested

Early Friday morning, 3rd of August 2018, a woman was raped by two men in Rosenheim. Less than 72 hours after the crime became known to the police, the two alleged rapists were arrested. They were brought before the investigating judge today at the request of the public prosecutor's office on allegations of joint rape and dangerous bodily injury. A young woman from Rosenheim (mid-twenties) had been on her way home on foot last Friday morning in the early hours of the morning after a visit to a local, when two men had arrived and accompanied them. The two strangers had then pulled the woman into a courtyard entrance, stripped her clothes and raped her jointly. The crime became known to the police on Saturday evening. The immediately initiated meticulous investigations revealed indications of two persons. Yesterday Tuesday afternoon, a witness of the criminal police gave the decisive information, which finally led to the arrest of the 27-year-old wanted person in downtown Rosenheim. Only a few hours later, the second suspect was arrested. The 30-year-old was in a specialist clinic in Wasserburg, where he was admitted on Tuesday. Both men are of Somali nationality and live in the region as asylum seekers. Following the criminal police measures, they were brought before the investigating judge this Wednesday at the request of the public prosecutor's office to examine the arrest question. The judge issued arrest warrants against them for group rape and dangerous assault, and they were taken to various prisons immediately afterwards.

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