Saturday, August 04, 2018

Rejected asylum seeker terrorizes Germans for 20 years - no passport, no deportation

How easy it is to abuse the right of asylum, how rejected asylum seekers can stay in Germany for 20 years, even though they repeatedly commit serious crimes, is exemplified by the case of Allasane Sal. In 1998, the man without a passport entered Germany, claiming that he came from Burkina Faso and demanded asylum. The application was rejected as "obviously unfounded", the African complained. The complaint was also dismissed one year later. The man was in prison for about half of two decades. He is to be released in 2019, the tabloid Bild reports. The tabloid describes the case meticulously. Like all the others, he cannot be deported because he has no papers. Now he is up to  mischief in Hamburg. Allsane Sal was repeatedly convicted of acts of robbery and violence. "And it seems it could go on forever..." the tabloid writes. The man is "a criminal - without asylum status, without the will and the chance of integration. Nevertheless, he manages to stay here - simply by committing crimes over and over again and refusing any cooperation". First things first: One year after his entry, Sal is sentenced for assault for the first time: two years and two months in prison. After his release, he is summoned several times to join a delegation from Burkina Faso to clarify his origins. However, the mail cannot be delivered due to incorrect addresses. In November 2002, however, the time has come: at his screening, he remains silent and spits on the embassy staff. Result: He does not come from Burkina Faso. The German state is helpless. They don't know how to find out about his nationality. Only a few months later, the African is convicted again. From March 2003 until the end of April 2004, he is in prison for assault and drug abuse. One day after his release, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees ( Bamf) refuses to decide on his application for asylum. Sal is still allowed to stay in Germany - because he doesn't have a passport. And he remains criminal and dangerous. The rejected asylum seeker will be sent to prison for six years and two months from August 2006. Guilty of grand robbery, robbery, wilful assault, resistance to law enforcement officials. He is also convicted of dangerous assault, insult, theft and assault with insult. He received an eleven-month remission of sentence. He was released in November 2011. Now he is to be deported again - and that is "incontestable". But that doesn't work - because he doesn't have a passport. Shortly before his release, a fellow prisoner told the Hamburg prison authorities that Sal was probably from Senegal. Released, Sal immediately commits criminal acts again. Consequence: 13 months imprisonment. He will be released in March 2013. Now he is to be checked for his nationality in the Senegalese embassy. There, too, Sal spits and rages, and the embassy comes to the conclusion that the man allegedly did not come from Senegal either. So his acquiescence continues - he doesn't have a passport.Shortly thereafter, the rejected asylum seeker, who has been fooling the German authorities for 15 years now, commits a serious robbery. Now he went to prison for 16 months. Even after this release he becomes brutal again: He was arrested in January 2015 on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm. Two months later, when he was "reminded of his duty to cooperate" and asked to make an effort to obtain a travel document," he probably got the giggles.The year 2015 ends as usual: He is sentenced to prison for assault. In May he attacks a judicial officer - the sentence is extended until October 2019. When he gets out of prison, he will have beaten up, robbed, insulted and stolen from people in Germany for more than 21 years. The Allasane Sal case represents practically all "refugees" who claim not to have a passport and become criminals here. In 2039 there will probably be hundreds of thousands of Allasane Sals.

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