Thursday, August 09, 2018

South Tyrol: Stabbed by Moroccans with knives because he wanted to protect his girlfriend

A new case of brutal alien crime shocks South Tyrol. In Bolzano, a young man was stabbed with a knife by two Moroccans and beaten with an iron chain just because, according to media reports, he wanted to protect his girlfriend from harassment, which took place on Wednesday afternoon in Reschenstraße (UT24 reported). The South Tyrolean Freedom Party demands an immediate deportation of criminal foreigners in view of the increasing number of violent crimes committed by foreigners. There must be neither understanding nor tolerance for violence and crime. Foreigners who do not obey the law must leave, demands Sven Knoll, MP for the South Tyrolean Freedom Party.Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case, but only another climax of brutal alien crime, which is becoming increasingly out of control and frightening the local population. "Only a few months ago, a man was seriously injured in front of the South Tyrolean parliament with a broken glass bottle simply because he did not want to be begged. The railway station park in Bolzano has become a place of daily drug offences and violent excesses, so that locals avoid this park," said the South Tyrolean Freedom Party.According to the South Tyrolean Freedom Party, there should no longer be tolerance for violent foreigners, as they would also bring into disrepute those people who integrate themselves and work diligently.

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