Thursday, August 02, 2018

Taharrush in Hürth, Germany

Phantombild eines der Täter

Eight to ten young men surrounded a girl on the 3rd of June and touched her immorally. The investigations so far have not led to the identification of the perpetrators, so that a sketch is now published. A 17-year-old girl walked across Weidengasse in Hermülheim at about 01:00 on Saturday. When she bought something at a kiosk, several young men asked her to stop. She continued on Luxemburger Straße and walked in the direction of Bonnstraße. She was trying to reach a friend on her cell phone. On their further way in the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Street the group of people reappeared. One of the men took her cell phone. They surrounded the 17-year-old, injured her face and touched her indecently in the upper part of her body. The young woman was able to tear herself away and rang a doorbell. The perpetrators then fled with the victim's cell phone. A local resident took care of the very frightened woman and called the police. The 17-year-old was able to describe one of the perpetrators so well that the investigators had a sketch made. With the picture published with this message the police searches for the perpetrators. The man shown is about 20 years old and 174 to 178 centimetres tall. He had short black hair and bushy eyebrows. His unclean, scarred face and dark circles around his eyes and eyelids were notable. The man's right forearm was black, which could have been a tattoo. The Criminal Police Department 11 in Hürth now asks: Who knows the person on the identikit picture, or can provide information about their whereabouts? For information, call the police on 02233 52-0.

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